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KSOU Digital Study Material


Digital Study Material - Advantage

The digital version has many advantages since it is likely to be continuously updated and newer information provided when needed. But it cannot be printed or shared in any form with anyone and shall be used only by the authorised recipient. It also cannot be downloaded to a mobile devise such as a smartphone. The study material is also available online if the candidate is travelling and is not carrying the computer or laptop.


Who can use it?

Non-KSOU students can also purchase KSOU study material by visiting www.interlinepublishing.com. Even single individual chapters can be purchased. Even KSOU students who opted for printed material can purchase digital version of their subject or any other subject from KSOU or any other publisher by visiting www.interlinepublishing.com.


What do you need?

It needs a regular computer or laptop with internet connection. The internet connection is required only for downloading the content and is not required for reading the content.

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