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Benefits of Digital Study Material

  • Only KSOU students have the unique benefit of receiving all study material in the digital format.

  • Your digital study material is easy to store on your laptop or desktop, you can read it anywhere in the world through internet. This makes your study material more accessible rather than carrying bulky books around.

  • You interact more with your study material as it is likely to have important links, videos and other multimedia that will make your subject feel alive and will be sent to you periodically.

  • Illustrations will be most of the time in colour enabling you to get the right perspective.

  • Unlike a printed material, you are likely to get updates on your subject if there are any notable developments.

  • Your study material is constantly reviewed and if the reviewer feels you need to know something more, the same will be sent to you immediately.

  • For students opting for digital content, we are working towards enabling virtual interaction (questions and answers) with subject matter experts.

  • You will also be exposed to many additional topics which you may find useful in the confines of your room without having to purchase any special books. You can download these content at a fraction of the cost you will otherwise pay for a book. What is more, you can download just those chapters that interest you.

  • Digital content is environment friendly and helps in saving precious trees and reduces carbon emission by saving on transportation.

  • You will learn about piracy and copyright. You will learn what is right and what is wrong. The content you get can be used only by you. You cannot share it with anyone, you cannot mail it to anyone and you cannot print it. But these are very small things when you consider the advantages which are many and are impossible to deliver through printed books.

  • Opt for digital study material and be future ready. In the near future most content you will ever need in your life will be delivered digitally. You will be technologically ready to receive digital content. It will even help you in your job prospects. Let the world know you are tech- savvy.


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