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KSOU Digital Study Material

KSOU- Digital Study Material

From this academic year 2013-14, KSOU is making available all study material in digital form also. Students can now opt for study material in the digital format.

For students opting for study material in digital form, the study material will be continuously sent from the date of registration. In addition, additional support material will be sent periodically at no extra cost. This support material is exclusively for those who opt for study material in the digital form and this may include mock tests, quizzes, worksheets, interactive sessions, multimedia presentations, information about potential job openings, advice on improving soft skills, English written communication to enhance writing skills etc. These are aspectsare not available in the printed study material.

Digital study material is environment friendly and has zero needs for destroying our fragile ecosystem. However it is mandatory for students opting for digital study material to own a computer with an internet connection.
The digital study material will download directly to your computer periodically after your registration. This study material will remain in your computer and you will not have the option to print it as printing means using paper  which means felling of more trees, and which KSOU does not encourage.

Internet connection is required only for downloading the study material and other support material. Once the material is downloaded, you don’t need the internet connection to read or work on your study material.
For the benefit of the students, KSOU has created a special website www.ksoustudymaterial.com. For a sample demonstration of digital study material please visit www.ksoustudymaterial.com. Please follow the steps given in this website to download the sample study material.


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